This helped Japan rediscover the traditional beauty and value of the dolls, and revitalized their popularity.After Japan entered its postwar economic boom (1954 1970), more Japanese people started traveling around the country, including to the hot spring towns in the Tohoku region where kokeshi were still available as souvenirs. What they portend, however, is decidedly more benevolent: they are hanging talismans used to ward off bad weather or excessive rain. This style developed around Hijiori Onsen in the village of Okura, Mogami District, Yamagata Prefecture. By donating art you are entitled to a fair market tax deduction based on a current appraisal of your artwork. Most celebrity memorabilia donations we receive are entitled to a fair market tax deduction and is much easier than trying to sell your collectibles. ReAL SERVICES FUND Donations to the ReAL Services Fund make it possible for us to continue to offer educational products to clubs and individual members as well as supporting the management needs of the UFDC Museum, Archival Collections and Library. Two wonderful vintage kokeshi dolls in great condition! The trust given to us by our patrons is truly humbling. Jewelry donation to Giving Center is much easier than trying to sell jewelry online or to a pawnbroker. Save the life of a doll or stuffed animal! For more information, go to Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Thats why we strive hard to continue to provide the quality products and service they expect. Collectibles with Causes is a great way to help others with collectible donations to charity! When you donate comic books to Giving Center, we make sure the entire process is fast and easy and that the tax write-off is financially beneficial. Then, the piece of wood is placed inside a lathe, and the woodworker uses a planer to shape it into a kokeshi doll. The origin of the word kokeshi is not certain, and its not made easier by different regions calling the dolls by different names over the years. In addition to figurines and posters in the celebritys likeness, celebrity memorabilia donations have also included autographed photos, celebrity postage stamps, furniture and clothing used and worn by celebrities, collectors edition albums and autographed DVDs. Antique furniture appreciates in value which results in a higher tax deduction. Often each part of the doll is created by a separate expert: limbs by one person, head and hair by another, and clothing by a textile master. If you are in need of assistance, we invite you to describe your circumstance and needs here: Apply for Assistance, Fair Market Value is the price at which property changes hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller. See Publication 561 Determining the Value of Donated Property. No Charity can give you a tax deduction value at all unless your donation sells, is gifted to another nonprofit or needy individual, or the Charity determines that they will retain the item to utilize in the furtherance of their charitable purpose. Japanese Dolls The creation of human-like dolls, or ningyo, in Japan, is one that can be traced back to Neolithic times. In addition, a photograph of the donated item(s) may be required for individual objects valued at $20,000 or more. After that, Hakata dolls became world-famous. AMAZONSMILE - AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on Thanks to their popular design, durable shape and distinctly Japanese minimalist aesthetic, these dolls make for great souvenirs or subtle ornaments. The Giving Center accepts musical instrument donations of virtually any type. Made in Japan. Next, the artist paints the doll using gofun (a whitewash powder made from fired seashells, used in traditional Japanese paintings), distemper (powdery paint mixed with gofun), and natural mineral pigments. Thrift Shops. During Nagashi Bina, a couple dressed in elaborate Heian-style clothing place small hina dolls into the nearby stream; a congregation of spectators then does the same. Donate sports collectibles to charity; The Giving Center accepts sports memorabilia of all kinds as a charity donation. Save the Earth! Made in the sashikomi style, Zao dolls have thick bodies and heads decorated with pictures of radiant, red-hair ornaments. The tax deduction benefits far outweigh having to sell the comic book collection yourself, and the proceeds benefit families in need across the United States. Once again, the dolls returned to the spotlight. Flaunting the Beauty of Crystal Glass and Edo Kiriko, Selected Stylish Ceramics and Traditional Crafts. Japanese dolls (, ningy, lit. We try to recycle and use everything. These donations could be used to support such things as printing convention booklets, purchasing ribbons and badges, renting audio-visual equipment for programs and renting lockable display cases for a special exhibit. In recent years weve seen the creation of sosaku kokeshi dolls which are not limited by tradition, allowing for a wider range of expressions and sometimes actually being made in the likeness of popular manga and anime characters. We cover 100% of the cost of any items that are damaged during shipment, Optimal Indoor Comfort With Japanese Slippers, translation missing: en.footer.general.currency, with AINU CRAFTS. They are recognizable by their various shapes and designs. Gogatsu ningyo, meaning warrior dolls, sit atop the display wearing samurai armor with weapons like swords and bows and arrows placed on either side of them. Donate sports memorabilia such as hats, balls, jerseys, gloves, helmets, donate autographed collectibles and more. Rokuro-sen stripes are a kokeshi doll characteristic, and they are made while spinning the lathe (the rokuro) around. Made in the sashikomi style, Yamagata style dolls have slender, straight bodies decorated in sakura cherry or plum flower patterns. To see a list of items we will accept as a donation, click here. In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of these popular ishogi-hina-ningyo. That said, their legacy remains through legendary video game and console developer Nintendo, where kokeshi served as the inspiration for Miis,Nintendo's digital avatars. Kuruma ningyo, literally meaning car doll, is a rare form of puppet theater whereby puppeteers navigate the performance space using a small wooden cart. There are even dolls specific to certain locations, such as the "Hakata dolls" from Hakata, Fukuoka that have a dedicated fan base thanks to their delicate beauty. The counterpart to hinamatsuri, Tango-no-Sekku, is a traditional festival held on May 5 which is known in English as Boys Day. Previous charitable donors have donated items such as photographic images, collectible posters, religious statues, lithographs, valuable paintings and original comic book art donations. A perfect addition to my growing collection! 15 Most Exquisite Traditional Japanese Dolls, 22 Best Japanese Ceramic Towns You Should Visit, Kimono Fabric: 9 Things to Know About Japanese Silk, What is Bizen Ware? When someone purchases a doll theyre meant to select a goal or ambition, then color one of the pupils. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. Trying to sell comics or entire comic book collections yourself usually results in a lot of wasted time and a big financial loss. Bunraku, Japans traditional puppet theatre style, grew to prominence around this time thanks to the works of legendary writers, like Chikamatsu Monzaemon, whose plays are still performed today. Multiple heads may be created for an individual character before being switched out during the show to convey erratic changes in emotion or the aging process. Contemporary or vintage diecast cars, trucks & vans, Peanuts bobbleheads, or your collectible magic tricks collection. At Angelic Creations, we try to recycle and use everything. He asked me questions about the kind of creative kokeshi that I liked and showed me some pictures of amazing kokeshi dolls he had seen during exhibitions. We accept single piece donations or entire estates. Just go for it! If your artwork or collectible is worth more than $5,000, you are not required to attach the appraisal to your tax return (keep it for your own records). MUSEUM FUND Donations received help defray the costs of caring for the collection. (*1) (*4) Supervised by:Fumio Miharu, chairman of the Akita Prefecture Kokeshi Craftsmen AssociationTakahiko Numakura, vice-chairman of the Akita Prefecture Kokeshi Craftsmen Association, If you want to give feedback on any of our articles, you have an idea that you'd really like to see come to life, or you just have a question on Japan, hit us up on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!1 2. Toy donations: Star Trek, Star Wars, Disney, Action Figures, Barbie, Warner Bros, GI Joe, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Gumby, Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Wind-Up, Walking Toys, Board & Traditional Games, Electronic games, Vintage NES games, Nintendo, Atari, Model Rail Road Trains, Pedal Cars, Ride-Ons, Tricycles, Die Cast Cars, Slot Cars, Radio Control Vehicles, Antique Pioneer Toys, Victorian Era Toys, Play-Doh, Playmobil, Playskool, FAO Schwarz, Gund, Pound Puppies, Puffkins, Russ, Game of Thrones, Highlander, Lord of the Rings, Neopets, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Alf, Arthur, Barney, Blues Clues, Bob the Builder, California Raisins, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, Digimon, Dora the Explorer, Dr. Seuss, Dukes of Hazzard, ET Extra Terrestrial, Flintstones, Puppets, Robots, Space Toys, Futurama, Garfield, Hello Kitty, Howdy Doody, Cap Guns, Cast Iron, Play Sets, Tonka, Vintage Toys and more! Finally, the shaped doll is smoothed out with sandpaper. Its always a lively event with people exhibiting and selling the kokeshi dolls, doll-painting experiences, parades, and more! No worries! This example is somewhat of an exception, as it's the work of renowned doll maker Menya Shoho. As covered in our recent piece on Japanese geta, the oiran are important (albeit often overlooked) characters from the annals of Japanese history. We cant wait for you to visit our online shop so you can explore and see for yourself all the items we have available for you. - Living with Ainu Crafts. (Other places try to sell them a limited number of days or hours and then send them to the landfill.) Hina dolls are one of Japan's foremost traditional crafts, with their shape gradually changing over time. Love those flowers, much more beautiful in person! Be sure to familiarize yourself with the IRS publications on the topic Publication 526, Charitable Contributions Tell everyone today to Recycle and donate unwanted items! See our vintage creative kokeshi collection with dolls from different strains and styles from across Tohoku including Nakanosawa, Naruko, Yajiro, Sakunami and many more. Bunraku puppets are made of wood and are bodiless; only the head, hands, legs, and feet are crafted, while the torso is simulated using a kimono or some other traditional Japanese attire. So how can you tell the difference between them all the different types of Japanese dolls? The appraisal of your item(s) must be made no earlier than 60 days before the date you'll be donating the property. Donate a music instrument today and make a positive difference tomorrow. If the craftsman is working in the sashikomi or hamekomi styles, they will shape the head and torso separately, but in the tsukuritsuke style, the entire doll is shaped out of one piece of wood. Geisha in Red Kimono. 7 Things to Know About Japanese Tie Dye, Japanese Teapots: Why Tokoname-Yaki is Best in Class, Best Japanese Movies: The Top 60 of All Time, What are Kanzashi? We've had currency and coin collection donations from every state and almost every country. Its generally accepted that migrating kijishi woodworkers in search of better materials first started making kokeshi dolls as childrens toys and hot spring resort souvenirs near the end of the Edo Period (1850s). Donate original comic art, original comic memorabilia, original autographed/signed comics: Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, to name just a few.. You can expect a fair market deduction because Giving Center always strives to secure the highest value for any collectible toy donation. If you would like to donate on-line, choose "PAY-A-DAY CAMPAIGN" in the drop-down menu and then put your choice of favorite day of the year in the comments box. Whether you want to donate signed Joe Montana football, Derek Jeter autograph, signed Lebron James basketball, or donate a Tiger Woods autograph, The Giving Center is the charity to donate to! Though there are common threads, such as a lack of limbs and bodies adorned in flowery garments, kokeshi dolls come in many variations. Our gift shop went fully online only recently, but we have been in the business since 1900, a fact that our family is certainly very proud of. The Giving Center wants our generous donors to know that making your collectible donation to charity not only helps to meet the needs of those less fortunate in our communities, but you also may be eligible to claim the maximum allowed tax deduction for your charitable contribution. Kansas City, MO 64153. Any money left over will be put in the building general fund for future needs. You can donate collectibles from almost any category imaginable. Made in the sashikomi style, the heads of these dolls are relatively large and decorated with colorful lines resembling painted-on berets. Their bodies are adorned with chrysanthemum or sakura cherry flower designs. Many crafts in this style have torsos adorned in chrysanthemum patterns. Happy Anniversary! Check out all the available options here. We are a nonprofit charitable organization committed to helping those in need, fulfilling those needs and filling the gaps left by many overburdened programs. Until 50 years ago or so, it wasnt common for Japanese people to travel abroad. Taru-San was so incredibly helpful during this whole process and the doll arrived a few weeks later to my place in France in a beautiful box with a handwritten note from the artist. Inspired by traditional Chinese temple iconography, a shisa is like the offspring a bearded lion and a canine, and is often depicted in pairs at temple entranceways. They are typically painted with red and black ink, but occasionally feature flourishes of yellow, purple, blue, and green. This style developed around Naruko Onsen in Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture, which is also the place of origin of two other major kokeshi doll styles: Tsuchiyu and Togatta. PAY-A-DAY CAMPAIGN - This ongoing campaign gives UFDC clubs and MALs the opportunity to pay for one day of the utility and internet expenses of the UFDC headquarters, which currently stand at $74.61 per day. Some proponents also believe this form of traditional Japanese doll played an influential role in the development of Noh and Kabuki theater, both of which rely on rigid, mechanical movements. He used the roof tile clay to create Noh theater masks (called omen) and dolls (called Soshichi-yaki), the best of which were presented to Nagamasa Kuroda as gifts and were considered the first Hakata dolls. It is possible to donate on Monday - Wednesday, 10AM - 5PM by appointment. Because of this, many parts of the continents culture made their way to Hakata, including a love for unglazed clay dolls, which have existed in Japan for over 800 years (arriving around the year 1200). As a non-profit organization any donation you make to the club may be tax deductible. Japanese Goods in Honolulu, HI When we say we have a wide variety of Japanese goods at SM Iida LTD, we mean it. When donating here, we save the unstuffed animal for future use. These dolls had the same use as the katashiro and hitokata, but served as substitutions for young children. Please note, this list is not exhaustive; please contact us at if you are unsure about any particular item(s). She wears very high geta (shoes), which . In the event the following day brought inclement weather nonetheless meaning the dolls hadnt served their purpose they would be drowned in rice wine and discarded in a nearby river. Most of these types of shops take donations during their standard hours of operation, as well as via drop boxes placed in various areas . Donate gold, donate Franklin mint sets, donate proof sets, donate bullion, donate gold bars, donate platinum, donate silver or donate ancient coins. CSS. You can check out more of his work over at his website. Publication 526, Charitable Contributions, IRS rules for determining maximum deductions for charitable contributions. Whether you wear them yourself or leave them for guests to wear, all who slip their feet inside these soft, warm bundles of comfort will never go barefoot again. 6 Things You Need to Know, 35 Most Famous Japanese Artists You Should Know, 40 Best Japanese Sunscreens For Every Skin Type. Choose one or more dolls from a category of your choice such as Cloth, Wooden, Vinyl etc. Here are some of the more popular collectible categories to give you an idea: Take back some closet space! Our Hosekibako Resale Shop is located in the East Building on JCCCW campus (1414 S Weller St., Seattle WA 98144). The link for UFDC is, 10900 N Pomona Ave. Though long passed their heyday, teru teru bozu are still occasionally used in elementary schools across Japan. Check out the spectacle in the video below! Hakata Dolls 501room / Shutterstock Gosho dolls are recreations of children at play and are said to bring good luck to their owners. Kintaro dolls can be made of various materials, including wood, ceramic, clay, and in some cases, plastic. Basically, any collectible you may have, even if not listed, can be donated! You may or may not be required to attach the appraisal to your tax return (appraisal fees exceeding 2 percent of your adjusted gross income (AGI) are tax deductible). The sixth and seventh levels are not decorated by any dolls, but instead by "yome-iri-dogu," which are tools and furniture such as dressers that the daughter will need when she marries and moves away. Save the life of a doll or stuffed animal! Takasaki produces 80% of Japan's Daruma dolls. Treasure hall opening hours: 9AM-4PM, Daily. Japanese dolls are often associated with good luck. Mattel Inc launched its first-ever Barbie doll with Down syndrome Tuesday to allow even more children to see . To achieve a different effect, some Tsuchiyu dolls are also painted using a reverse lathe technique where the lathe is spun in the opposite direction. Donate sculptures, oil paintings, pastels, acrylics, drawings, watercolors, photos, lithos, donate fine art, donate murals. Charitable groups such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, the St. Vincent de Paul Society and others accept donations of all types of secondhand items, including toys, for resale in thrift shops. You can donate a painting, a unique bronze statue, prints, drawings, donate Disney art, carvings, sculptures, you name it. What I offer: - Creating account-based marketing (ABM) & sales strategies for tech start-ups/ scale-ups. Just like enjoying the changing colors of autumn leaves and flowers. Hakata dolls are known for being some of the most delicately-made Japanese clay figurines. There is a superstition that if you leave the hina dolls on display later than March 3rd, your daughter will not be able to get married for a long time. Many people also display a set of ornamental dolls, known as hina dolls, on red cloth-covered platforms. The countrys historically diverse and nuanced relationship with dolls is difficult to embody in one single style and figure, so to help you understand the differences between the different types, here are 15 of the most important traditional Japanese dolls. The tax and financial benefits far outweigh having to sell your art through a dealer or by yourself, plus all of the proceeds benefit charities, individuals and families in need nationwide. If you deduct $500,000 or more for a donated item or group of similar items, you'll need to attach the qualified appraisal to your tax return. Riku Onda's "Honeybees and Distant Thunder" is a meandering ode to music, to the artists who create it and the nature that inspires it. BUILDING FUND This fund supports the maintenance and repair needs of our headquarters and museum such as cost of utilities, janitorial services, lawn care, repairing storm damage and roof and parking lot repairs. Iconic good-luck charms bought during the New Year period, Daruma are modeled in the mythologized likeness of Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. Miyashita Hajime Vintage Pigtails Kokeshi Doll (19cm/7.4 inches), HUGE Traditional Takobozu Nakanosawa Kokeshi by Seya Koji (54.5cm/21.4 inches), Vintage Red Kokeshi Doll by Yamanaka Sanpei (14cm/5.5 inches), Vintage Creative Kokeshi Doll by Master Yokoyama Teruo Mari Chan (9cm/3.5 inches), Vintage Traditional Kokeshi Doll by Kumagai Tadashi (36cm/14.1 inches), Vintage Creative Kokeshi Doll by Master Yoshio Otani Harubiyori (26cm/10.2 inches), Exclusive Vintage Kokeshi by Sadao Kishi Sprouting (34.5cm/13.5 inches), Traditional Takobozu Nakanosawa Kokeshi by Morio Isokawa (22cm/8.6 inches), Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Tomidokoro Fumio Haruranman (20.5cm/8 inches), Exclusive Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Aoki Ryoka Flower Angel (32cm/12.6 inches), Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Sekiguchi Sansaku (17cm/6.7 inches), Exclusive Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Issetsu Kuribayashi Butterfly (20cm/7.8 inches), Type the name of your preferred artist or motif (autumn, plum etc.) Hinamatsuri, also known as Dolls Day or Girls' Day, is held on March 3. Sakunami dolls are made in the sashikomi style, and are recognizable by their torsos being narrower near the bottom and their flat head tops. We are more than happy to assist you so you can have the most convenient shopping experience online. After all, we have been in the business for many years, and have more than enough experience to offer you top-quality service. This style developed around Zao Onsen in Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture. 888-228-7320. But they also had entertainment talents outside of the bedroom: they were skilled in the traditional arts, impressed with their ability as raconteurs, and performed and entertained at tea houses for the local aristocracy. Baseball cards, NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, donate sports autographs and sports memorabilia and receive a fair market tax deduction. Also, the long-term gains on collectibles are subject to a higher maximum rate of (28%) than long-term gains on most long-term property at 15% or 20%, depending on your particular tax bracket so you can save even more taxes by donating your collectibles to The Giving Center. Earlyred 12 Inch Japanese Geisha Kimono Doll 30cm Asian Kimono Doll Collectible Figurine Decoration Gift Red 236 $2890 FREE delivery Sun, Apr 30 Or fastest delivery Wed, Apr 26 World-famous Artists Kokeshi Japanese Dolls by Lucie Kaas - 5.7 inches - Schima Superba Wood - Made in Denmark (Mondrian) 4.9 4.9 out of 5 stars (14) $70.00 $ 70. Donating music and movie memorabilia can earn you a fair market IRS tax deduction which is usually more than you will get trying to sell the memorabilia yourself. The dolls are easily identified by being quite slender with thicker torsos and smaller heads. Their distinctive style a fusion of adolescent features with an eerie adult-like quality touching the face is highly reminiscent of the masks worn by actors during Noh theater performances. As noted, bunraku puppets are used to perform in bunraku or kuruma ningyo shows. The most famous Hakata dolls are those of beautiful women whose realistic expressions, skin, and curvy kimono lines have perfectly captured the beauty of Japanese women through the ages. At the urging of the Japanese Embassy, he left . The designs are no longer limited to traditional figures, either. Enjoy the excellent tax deduction possibilities by donating celebrity memorabilia to Giving Center. The heads of bunraku dolls are often complex, interchangeable, and highly animated. United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. 2023 All Rights Reserved. UNITY FUND This fund is UFDCs general management fund. In the Japanese islands of Okinawa, formerly known as the Ryukyu Kingdom until they were annexed in the 1870s, shisa dolls are common religious artifacts. Please consider donating to UFDC to support our mission. Any piece of art or an entire art collection that you donate to collectibles with causes helps. Complete comic book collections, platinum age, golden age, silver age, bronze age, and modern age comics are all accepted as a charity donation. Recognized throughout the country, Hinamatsuri is a celebration of Japan's girls - during the festivities, families pray for happy marriages and prosperous futures for their daughters. - Persona's & value proposition consultant and . Lost password? At different e-commerce sites, the price is different but it is not significant. Great tax benefits for you, and the proceeds from your donation benefit families, individuals, and other charitable causes across the United States. Emperor and Empress Dolls, Kyoto National Museum Hinamatsuri, also known as Doll's Day or Girls' Day, is held on March 3. Taru-San is so passionate and knowledgeable about kokeshi that our discussions were wonderful ! The characteristic delicate features of the dolls are enough to captivate anyone. Paint and thread will also be added to give the doll color and to function as hair and clothes, respectively. Selection of fine goods and traditional crafts made in Japan. When I said to him that I loved this kokeshi named Hanadojo by Kunihiko Watanabe he told me to my greatest surprise that it was still available. Daily we have children coming in to get their favorite friend repaired and we may not have matching fur or the correct parts to help them. These dolls are made in the hamekomi style where the head produces a distinct sound when turned. Any collectible currency donation is an easy way to benefit you the donor, and to help others in the process. We are currently accepting donations Thursday - Sunday, 10AM to 3PM - no appointment required! The term kimekomi, which refers to the clothing, is a crafting technique created in Kyoto during the early 1700s and honed over the subsequent centuries. Retired Original Beanie Babies, Collectible Funko Bobbleheads, Japanese Anime Items. New Beginnings. Donate coin collection to charity. Going forward, they will continue to capture the hearts of not just the people of Japan, but the entire world. WE SERVE ALL 50 STATES AND INTERNATIONALLY. Among them was the person said to have created the first Hakata dolls: Soshichi Masaki III, a clay roof tile craftsman. Giving Center accepts collectibles anywhere within the United States. Thanks to this, in 1900, Japan was able to take part in the Paris World Expo, where many Japanese antiques and traditional crafts were displayed, including Hakata dolls. We stock a broad selection of high quality, vintage Japanese items such as kimonos, tea sets, dolls, ceramics, and many other items that may otherwise be difficult to find. jcpenney block heel sandals, waterfront homes under $150 000, who will inherit betty white's fortune,

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