A. an elusive, subatomic particle having little or no mass, and. Magnetism is the force that magnets exert when they attract or repel one another. Oceanic crust spreads at mid-ocean ridges, creating new crust and slowly enlarging the ocean basin. B The surface of the Sun is a very busy place. A) it is too dangerous to send the Space Shuttle to service satellites during solar maximum. C) sun spots method of collecting geologic data. , its "bank" condition, the borrow material has a moist unit weight of 129pcf, a water content of, 16.5% and an in place void ratio of 0.620. C) the Sun generates energy by nuclear fusion. A rapidly rotating neutron star, producing beams of radio energy. B b. Use the space below to solve this problem. a. D) 6 H 1 He + energy. A) The sunspot cycle is very steady, so that each 11-year cycle is nearly identical to every other 11-year cycle. Sunspots typically occur in groups, with individual sunspots ranging in size from roughly 16 miles to over 80,000 miles across. C) monitor changes in Earth's atmosphere. has a charge of +2. an Solar neutrinos coming from the Sun have been detected, but in fewer numbers than predicted by theoretical models. The interaction between the magnetic fields and the solar plasma can cause sunspots to become unstable, leading to flares, prominences, and other solar eruptions. And at minimum you have a minimum number of sunspots, and at maximum, a maximum. The Sun has sufficient hydrogen to continue fusing into helium for how much longer? B) radioactive decay. B Solar radiation arriving at Earth's atmosphere and surface is called, The uneven distribution of insolation by latitude is primarily a result of. The transfer of matter from one star to its companion. Which of the following statements about solar sunspots is NOT true? C. The depletion is restricted to the arctic and antarctic regions. At the beginning of the period, sunspots form at higher latitudes. a. they can be several times larger than earthb. E) none of the above. more sunspots indicate increased solar radiation. Magnetism is caused by attraction when two items are brought together or repulsion when two objects are moved apart. D B) 4 million tons A) blue 28. A The core of the Sun is What two pollutants react with water to produce acid rain? Sunspot activity is often observed and studied to gain important data about the Suns atmosphere and the local magnetic environment of the Solar system. They usually appear in groups in pairs, or in clusters called active regions, and can last anywhere from days to months. Main sequence stars White dwarfs Red dwarfs Red giant stars Sun-like stars QUESTION 31 Which of the following statements about sunspots is NOT true? B Which of the following best describes what would happen? C) The churning is an illusion created by varying radiation, as the gas on the Sun's surface is actually quite still. About six times as many neutrinos are observed than expected from, c. D A. is considered beneficial because of the production of O3. C) core, radiation zone, convection zone, photosphere, chromosphere, corona a. B) the strong wind that blows sunspots around on the surface of the Sun which of the folloing statements about ionization energy is true? D) a large change in the amount of visible light emitted by the Sun stellar An astronomer plots the HR diagram of a star cluster and finds that, it B) With each subsequent peak in the number of sunspots, the magnetic polarity of the Sun is the reverse of the previous peak. We also provide a link between extrinsic uncertainty arising in games (e.g. A) thousands of degrees. Once a year c. Every 2 years d. Every 11 years e. Every 10,000 years 4. You will then enter this convective layer, feeling regions of hot plasma rising upward to meet you and seeing cooler gas descending from the surface. E) converting gravitational potential energy into electricity. Which of the following is not a method astronomers use to determine the physical conditions inside the Sun? c. The Sun continued to contract until the core became hot enough to sustain nuclear fusion. Sunspots are caused by groups of unbalanced magnetic fields on the suns surface. We can measure the luminosity that the Sun is producing and therefore determine how much fusion must be going on in its core. A D) None; they are blocked by the Earth's atmosphere. A) building mathematical models that use the laws of physics system and radically alter the evolution and behavior of the, a. Almost all elements heavier than hydrogen and helium were made inside stars. luminosity is independent of the stellar mass. D) The convection zone is the source of ultraviolet light, and the upper photosphere is the source of X rays. E) Sunspots can produce flares and prominences. is lost from the atom, and energy is equivalent to mass, c. the monitoring of a distant object without physical contact. The light radiated from the Sun's surface reaches Earth in about 8 minutes, but the energy of that light was released by fusion in the solar core about 8. C Sunspots have been observed by astronomers and recorded since the time of Galileo and they have been used to track solar activity. It is true. As magnetic activity increases, the sunspots form lower down and in greater numbers. Neutrinos from the core collide with gas atoms and prevent them, c. B) There is a balance within the Sun between the outward push of pressure and the inward pull of gravity. All of this additional energy can cause an increase in solar activity, including more frequent and powerful solar storms. The longest day of the year occurs on the December solstice. It occurs in large amounts in the atmosphere relative to other gases, such as nitrogen and oxygen. C. The tropopause serves as a buffer against the pressure exerted by the atmosphere. A) the Sun vibrates only on the surface. D) Both have approximately the same mass. how (or if) their lifetimes depend on mass. When is/was gravitational contraction an important energy generation mechanism for the Sun? gravitational force between them? Air pressure at sea level is approximately 1013.2 mb. Sunspots are darker because they are cooler than the surround area. What happens to energy in the convection zone of the Sun? produces industrial smog. B. B. These flares are outbursts of charged particles that can affect radio communications on Earth. Why? A) 3 H 1 Li + energy. (Image credit: SOHO) The first of these refers to strong disturbances to Earth's magnetic field caused by ejected solar. evolution, in order of increasing mass? Which of the following statements about the sunspot cycle is not true? (A), Based on temperature, the atmosphere is divided into. Because they have very thin atmospheres that do not emit, continuum D Fill in a chart like the one shown here to illustrate key aspects of Thomas's voice. A absolute magnitude (or intrinsic brightness) against temperature, 10. A) because there are so rare A The circle of illumination passes through both poles. D Which of the following is not a method astronomers use to determine the physical conditions inside the Sun? An air mass initially reflects the, As the Earth is a much cooler body than the sun, the Earth emits: A. ultraviolet radiation B. short-wave infrared radiation C. long-wave radiation D. visible light radiation, Select the correct map type or mapping method for the above map? Radio waves from GPS are strengthened in the ionosphere. Which of the following statements about sunspots is NOT true? C) Convection releases neutrinos, which random walk through the radiation zone. more mass than the four hydrogen atoms, because energy is. Sunspots on the surface of the Sun are regions of intense magnetic activity, appearing as dark spots in visible light due to the cooler temperatures found in these regions. Which of the following is not true regards to Earth as system? We also use observations of vibrations on the Sun to learn about its interior structure in much the same way we use seismic testing on Earth. Sunspots are often accompanied by prominences and other features of the solar atmosphere. Similarly if the solar core were to decrease in temperature, the nuclear fusion rate would plummet and gravity would overcome thermal pressure and contract the core. A correlated equilibria to the market game is either a sunspot equilibrium or a non-sunspot equilibrium to the related securities games, but the converse is not true in general. E) Sunspots can produce flares and prominences. How does the Sun's mass compare to Earth's mass? What evidence then do we have to support our current ideas about the solar interior? sunspots can be up to 12 times larger than earth. Day-length decreases from the winter solstice until the vernal equinox, when it begins to increase. Which is closest to the temperature of the core of the Sun? Which part of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is occupied by, c. E) The rate of nuclear fusion in the Sun peaks about every 11 years. B) solar flares C) We have learned that the Sun's interior undergoes fusion at a lower rate than we had expected, and that is why we had observed fewer neutrinos than expected. Q. Sunspots are dark patches on the surface of the Sun caused by strong concentrations of magnetic fields. Question there were no dark energy, the expansion of the universe would be: constant accelerating decelerating . B) Sunspots are brighter than the rest of the Sun's surface.C) Sunspots can be up to 12 times larger than Earth. 9. E) about 150 million kilometers (the size of an astronomical unit). C) Energy slowly leaks outward through the radiative diffusion of photons that repeatedly bounce off ions and electrons. C) about one light year One important aspect of the study of binary star systems, as, distinct C) the strong force Which of the following types of stars or stellar remnants can have a, mass Sunspots are typically more common in higher latitudes of the Sun and will appear as dark, round patches. sunspots, C) The Sun's mass is about 300,000 times the mass of Earth. C. The subsolar point is at the Tropic of Cancer (23.5 N). the parallel that is the farthest northern location for the subsolar point during the year. A) Higher temperature would cause the rate of nuclear fusion to rise, which would increase the internal pressure, causing the core to expand and turn the Sun into a giant star. Re-insert Select one: The spectral type of a star can be used to determine its surface temperature. D) only by using sophisticated computer models, because there are no observational ways of measuring magnetic field strength. A) The Sun's mass is about 300 times the mass of Earth. young E) all of the above. A) The Sun rotates faster at its poles. to overcome the collapse and stabilize the stellar, d. A) 4 tons B. ionization energy is the amount of energy used to add an electron to an atom. B) The chromosphere is best observed with ultraviolet telescopes and the corona is best observed with X-ray telescopes. c. 32. the larger the stellar mass, the larger the luminosity. E) the weak force. D) gravitational contraction During their rotation, the sunspots break up, regroup, and re-form in different configurations, as well as drift across the Suns surface. Why do the tropics have a positive net radiation while the poles have a negative value? E) because they are so small. What is the velocity in the duct? The Sun appears to have a cycle of about 11 years during which it waxes and wanes. E. All radio signals pass through this region virtually unaffected. D) The cycle is truly a cycle of magnetic activity, and variations in the number of sunspots are only one manifestation of the cycle. A) As the Sun was forming, nuclear fusion reactions in the shrinking clouds of gas slowly became stronger and stronger, until the Sun reached its current luminosity. 2. A Solar flares are a sudden explosion of energy caused by tangling, crossing or reorganizing of magnetic field lines near sunspots. What is the solution to the solar neutrino problem? D) 400 million years. They vary in number on an 11 year cycle. E. Atmospheric pressure is greatest in the mesosphere. B) 600 tons the Sun and energy output per unit area of a star depends on the, 4th D B) Fusion in the Sun's core creates neutrinos. C) the wind that causes huge arcs of gas to rise above the Sun's surface E Sunspots can produce flares and prominences. It consists of gamma ray, X-ray, ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths. E) a million years ago. C. Day length varies more at the equator than at higher latitudes. D) We are seeing hot gas rising and cool gas falling due to the convection that occurs beneath the surface. Which of the following sequences of stellar spectral classifications. B) several hundred thousand years ago. The stars of the Milky Way A A) Nuclear fusion in the Sun's core produces visible light photons. The beginning of a solar cycle is a solar minimum, or when the Sun has the least sunspots. The Sun's surface, as we see it with our eyes, is called the B) 25 million years B) one hundred years ago. What are coronal holes? Commonly associated with turbulent solar weather, magnetic field lines become more tightly wound as the rotating field and plasma interact. A) They all have about the same temperature. 2. A) We have X-ray images from satellites of the interior of the Sun. B Recommended Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, sort the following manganese compounds by whether the cation is manganese ii or manganese iii. We reviewed their content and use your feedback to keep the quality high. A) The Sun becomes much brighter. in the rarified space between galaxies. The ozonosphere is critical to life because it? A E. CO2 is a by-product of life processes. C) The chromosphere is the source of X rays, and the corona is the source of radio waves. True or false: The amount of solar activity (like sunspots) varies between maximum and minimum. C) The rate of nuclear fusion in the Sun peaks about every 11 years. Based on its surface temperature of 5,800 K, what color are most of the photons that leave the Sun's surface? surface disturbance on the Sun's surface caused by magnetic storms is called a(n). C. No, sunspots do not make the Earth hotter. composition, origin, evolution. A elements toward the bottom of a group periodic table generally have higher ionization energies than elements at the top of a group. It occurs in large amounts in the atmosphere relative to other gases, such as nitrogen and oxygen. Melt from the subducting plate rises to the surface, erupts through the . sufficient to halt the collapse. Satellites in low-Earth orbits are more likely to crash to Earth when the sunspot cycle is near solar maximum because D How often is there an increase in sunspot activity? *b. and 4). A mi padre y a m (nos-te) importan los actores de Hollywood. Two of the protons are ejected back into the solar material. A) 70% hydrogen, 28% helium, 2% other elements Tree rings show the history of drought, fire, and other environmental variations. Show explanation. Which of the following is the best answer to the question, "Why does the Sun shine?" A CME erupted on Jan. 30, 2022. Where are the most massive stars to be found in the main sequence of, b. apparent brightness against intrinsic brightness of a group of. The movement of electric charges causes magnetism. B) the gravitational force ~ Very strong energy source production ofjets formed in isolated areas varies on extremely long timescales strong radio source 1/ point 1/ point 1/ point. Every second, the Sun converts about 600 million tons of hydrogen into 596 million tons of helium. Both natural and anthropogenic gases, particles, and other substances in amounts that cause damage to the environment or are harmful to humans. No, sunspots do not make the Earth hotter. A) The sunspot cycle strongly influences Earth's weather. Which of the following statements about the sunspot cycle is not true? . Most of the CFC-induced ozone destruction is occurring near the equator, rather than near the poles. based on the principle that surfaces must be physically handled and directly measured for study. Determine the distance traveled a D none of the above Advertisement vblitesgkohrrssuovt B I think but not sure D) The Sun has exhausted its supply of neutrinos. very young, because the G and K stars are still evolving towards, b. A) solar neutrinos D) trillions of degrees. One way to track the solar cycle is by counting the number of sunspots. It is the largest galaxy in the universe Which of the following is true? A) photosphere . We can apply our knowledge of how gases behave at different temperatures and densities, which is testable in laboratory environments, to make a mathematical model of the Sun. the poles to the equator of the Sun over an 11-year period. How do we know what goes on under the surface of the Sun? Submarine canyons are deep valleys at passive continental boundaries. This reduces the energy reaching the surface, and the spots appear much cooler and darker than their surroundings. structure, origin, evolution *c. black hole, neutron star, white dwarf, *c. Additionally, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the amount of energy that sunspots emit is so small that it is impossible to measure here on Earth. They are regions of reduced surface temperature, caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux that inhibit convection. A) The number of sunspots peaks approximately every 11 years. B) Fusion reactions decrease the overall number of particles in the core, causing the core to shrink, converting gravitational potential energy into thermal energy, and increasing the rate of fusion. As the cycle ends, it . *b. Question 17. C) areas of the corona where magnetic field lines project out into space, allowing charged particles to escape and form the solar wind diagram to shift slowly, 20. The light radiated from the Sun's surface reaches Earth in about 8 minutes, but the energy of that light was released by fusion in the solar core about Energy from the core of the Sun first travels slowly through the convection zone and then much faster through the radiation zone. The ESSAY. D) about 14 billion light years (the size of the observable universe) Abe Mizrahi, Edward E. Prather, Gina Brissenden, Jeff P. Adams, Jeffrey O. Bennett, Mark Voit, Megan O. Donahue, Nicholas O. Schneider, Foundations of Astronomy plus The Night Sky Planisphere - Latitude 30- 40, Chapter 14 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems,. increases the temperature to the point where a new nuclear, fusion structure, origin, temperature. It results from chemical reactions with chlorine derived from CFCs. *c. The region principally absorbs gamma rays, X-rays, and interacts with the solar wind. Which of the following characterizes Earth's revolution? Question: Which one of the following is NOT true? They are associated with intense magnetic activity, where the intense magnetic fields inhibit convection and suppress the formation of solar granules. They are magnetic storms. B Which of the following is true of the ionosphere? Which of the following is not true of sunspots? b. This is because large magnetic fields are concentrated in these areas, inhibiting convection and cooling the surface. Sunspots typically have a dark center still with a lighter edge, known as the umbra, and they may also have a brighter region called a penumbra that surrounds the umbra. atoms into one helium atom. E) neutrinos from the solar core reach the solar surface easily. d. computer-based processing tool for analyzing geographic data. B) about 700,000 kilometers (the radius of the Sun) Which of the following observations would NOT be an indication of a, a. d. New resources and matter are being added to Earth's systems all the time. Sunspots can appear in groups, or clusters, and their life-cycle can last from days to weeks to months. They often occur in pairs of opposite magnetic polarity. B) gravitational contraction. A) It was important when the Sun was forming from a shrinking interstellar cloud of gas. B) weak force D. Nowhere on Earth does day length vary by as much as 24 hours. A C D) The number of sunspots on the Sun at any one time gradually rises and falls, with an average of 11 years between the times when sunspots are most numerous. While the atmosphere exerts pressure, it is a negligible amount. 1.A. a measurement of the surface temperatures of stars. *b. Solar activity causes the responses in the near-Earth space environment that produce changes in the radiation belts, so an understanding of how the Sun changes is directly relevant to space weather. We observe the Sun to exhibit a sunspot cycle over a period of 22 years, tied directly to its magnetic activity. A) They are composed of different elements than the rest of the sun. They also can create more auroras and can be a danger to satellites. 4) What two forces are balanced in what we call gravitational equilibrium? This, process E) attract one another. C) The Earth's natural magnetic field already offers excellent protection against the onslaught of solar neutrinos. E) several hundred years ago. primarily oxygen and several trace gases, such as carbon dioxide. C) We can send a space probe into the Sun's photosphere. A dam is used to hold back a river. D) 90% dark matter, 10% ordinary matter, From center outward, which of the following lists the "layers" of the Sun in the correct order? Photographs reveal that most of them have atmospheres much like that of Jupiter. We don't know, since their lifetimes are longer than the age of. When sunspots occur, dark spots form on the surface of the sun. The distance between corresponding points on any two successive waves is known as the. D) They are tiny black holes, absorbing all light that hits them. They move across the Sun c. They are permanent d. They are caused by magnetic activity e. They vary in size 3. Why are humans and other living things not crushed by the pressure of the atmosphere? Electrostatic forces between the highly charged iron nuclei are, sufficient sulfur oxides and ozone Magnetic fields on the sun are produced by the sun's uneven rotation and. E. It results from chemical reactions with chlorine derived from CFCs. cycle generates sufficient energy to stop the collapse. This means either that our models of the Sun are not completely correct or that we don't understand neutrinos as well as we thought we did. B) As the Sun was forming, gravitational contraction increased the Sun's temperature until the core become hot enough for nuclear fusion, which ever since has generated the heat that makes the Sun shine. sunspot equilibria). C They have relatively lower temperatures than the brighter, background photosphere. 12. The pressure exerted by the atmosphere is not great enough to crush them. A star's lifetime does not depend on its mass. A Based on function, the atmosphere has B) Energy is produced in the convection zone by nuclear fusion. Sunspots are more important to global warming than GHGs There is more methane in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide Arctic Greening will absorb most of the carbon we emit to the atmosphere Greenhouse gases are by far the largest contributor to modern global warming Volcanic explosions can cool Earth's climate for hundreds of. Although the speed of rotation varies from spot to spot, some spots may take as little as 14 days to make a complete rotation, while others can take up to several years. B) It rapidly escapes from the Sun, traveling into space at nearly the speed of light. are extremely red-shifted, hence they appear faint at. B) p + p becomes 2H + energy. Sunspots have been continuously counted each day since 1838, which has allowed solar scientists to describe a repeating pattern in the wax and wane of activity on the Sun's surfacethe solar. D) radioactive elements such as uranium and plutonium. B) corona is on the last page, tear it free and turn it in separately. Solution. You will then reach the source of these photons, the core of the Sun, which is actively involved in nuclear fusion, converting hydrogen into helium and releasing multitudes of photons and neutrinos. C) The chromosphere and corona are both best studied with visible light. D) It predicted that Earth would also shrink in size with time, which would make it impossible to have stable geology on our planet. Which of the following is true of the ionosphere? Sunspots are cooler areas on the sun's surface that are relatively darker than the surrounding surface and are caused by intense concentration of magnetic fields. A) the strong force and the weak force 3) What do we mean when we say that the Sun is in gravitational equilibrium? According to modern science, approximately how old is the Sun? E) The term solar neutrino problem refers to the fact that neutrinos are extremely difficult to detect. B It was imaged by the SOHO Observatory. the luminosity of stars reaches a peak at around 1 solar mass. B) hydrogen compounds such as methane. How do we know what is going on in the center of the Sun so well if we cannot see it or send spacecraft to it? E) magnetic fields lift material from the surface of the Sun, cooling off the material faster. The Sun's average surface (photosphere) temperature is about C) The rate of nuclear fusion in the Sun peaks about every 11 years. The diameter of a typical neutron star of 1 solar mass is predicted, 7. Physics College answered Which of the following statements is NOT true about sunspots? A) The chromosphere is the source of ultraviolet light, and the corona is the source of X rays. Each atom contains electrons, which are charged particles. A) We can probe the interior of the Sun by studying the vibrations in its photosphere. This will cause its position in the, Hertzsprung-Russell A More sunspots indicate increased solar radiation. white dwarf, black hole, neutron star, b. D) The Sun was born with a supply of neutrinos that it gradually emits into space. Q. Astronomers observing spectral lines can observe red or blue shifts kn . E) gradually expanding in size, How do human-built nuclear power plants on Earth generate energy? D) nuclear fusion of helium to carbon. D) structure within sunspots. A computer accessory salesman attempts to convince you to purchase a "solar neutrino" shield for your new computer. Choose B) the Sun is made of atoms and molecules. Ozone in the lower troposphere Question Which of the following apply to Quasars? B) "sunquakes" are caused by similar processes that create earthquakes on Earth. D) convection zone

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