And so, yes, there is something physiologically happening in the body. So I find that they, that these cues get crossed at a really young age, like, think about like when we're a baby, the first form of love we receive is from breast milk or from a bottle, like it's from food. You are a human being in a body that is constantly feeling, Dr. Shawn: (50:11)Yes. And I just want to have the best quality of life that I can. My hairstylist at the time, Bob in Ithaca, NY, was the one who called it. Big girls CAN cry. And there's a lot more sense of like, uh, just being approachable. In the business sector, Rayna has consulted on strategic communications for tech and creative startups as well as renowned corporate and academic institutions. Some of these other ways of eating kind of don't really go that deep into it. And I learned about like, yeah, yeah. Hey buddy, how do you want to physically move today? Stephanie Mara Fox: (45:58)Yeah, there's a woman. But everyone I've asked this question to that, eats like that. Stephanie Mara Fox: (18:45)A lot of the time I'm supporting a client in identifying the difference between physical and emotional hunger in their body. She is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) with CTI and a RYT 500 certified yoga teacher. Lindsay is obsessed with combining up to the moment research on positive psychology, hypnotherapy and leadership, integrating body, mind and spirit with ancient wisdom traditions such as yoga and Buddhism, to create profoundly transformational experiences for everyone shes blessed enough to guide along their path. Like, instead of seeing it as in the way, like, it is the way of just like, I have to go into this to actually learn, what is it, why is this popping up? So help us understand that. Crying is freaking BEAUTIFUL and liberating and powerful AF. I'm too tired today. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Adult Children of Alcoholics & Dysfunctional Families | World Service Organization, Find Domestic Violence and Abuse Help, Information and Stats (, Domestic Violence Support | The National Domestic Violence Hotline ( It was a lot of testing things out on my body, which is why I feel like I have such a solid communication with my body now because I really had to be like, okay, well, how does this meal and digest for you? And that actually, we have to think those patterns that we realize aren't really supporting us anymore in our life, but we have to thank them for showing up because they really supported us at a time when we needed them. And I was telling her about our podcasts. Rayna holds a degree in neurobiology from Cornell University, and her writing has been published worldwide, including inForbes, CNN, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Edible Boston,and more. How else to keep powerful, passionate, intelligent, fiercely loving humans in check? She teaches the tools as sematic eating and her eating needing sensing system to support individuals with weight and body image concerns, stress eating, binge eating digestive issues, and creating peace around old wounds. Paid for my presence That's our first form of love that we experience at a young age. Am I, you know, physically moving in a way that's irritating my elbow. The microwave will say, "What? Stephanie Mara Fox: (08:33)Yeah, so some tricks that I offer my clients to basically, um, when we activate and kind of tone our Vegas nerve, it actually supports us in going more into the parasympathetic nervous system, which is basically just your relaxation response and that everything kind of flows much more easily when we feel relaxed. So what is this vagal tone? Thank you so much for like my digestive tract for talking to me so loudly through digestive pain and actually appreciate those symptoms for showing up so that I could breathe, release them. Did she? I am hereby declaring a moratorium on the phrase "ugly cry." Listen: your intensity is NOT a problem. Why might that be? If you have any further questions on this topic, leave a comment below or send an email to [emailprotected], QUESTIONS/COMMENTS: Email us at [emailprotected] FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @TheShameSistersShow: Your wild curiosity, your hunger for life, your feral passion, your depth, darkness and openness Like you get to have those too, you know, it's about finding your, your unique balance and, but like focusing on, okay, what would I add into this meal to fake, make it feel very nourishing and grounding to my unique system. So eating a piece of cake is for lunch, made me feel tired. I do believe that is possible. these are Not Problems. If let's say, for example, you want to start lifting weights, like do it with the intention of it supports you in feeling the way you want to feel in your body. Emotional. So I, I feel like the big difference is it actually is a deepening in, I was really actually thinking about this this past week that, you know, there was the first wave of mindful eating and then there was kind of intuitive eating. So everything that is on this list, I'm going to do the exact opposite. So stay tuned for that. What if you could sit down with some of the wisest experts, everyday leaders and inspirational people who can answer your deepest questions. We'll like own it. Dr. Shawn: (06:19)Yes. Um, I'm going into my second season of that. Burning Man is a no trace left behind" event. If we took the label away from this being anxiety, like, okay, what are the sensations that are showing up? Yeah. So we do have different nutritional needs at different stages of life. And so when we're doing physical movement from that kind of place, it gets really confusing and actually puts our body into a stress response where we won't actually receive the benefits of physical movement. So there's a whole, year's worth of content of somatic tools there. So I know a lot about this. We're having chili with Fritos. I don't know. You are now subscribed to our newsletters. Q.E.D! And in kind of showing an example of where somatic eating can go. but for Your People, YOU in ALL YOUR INTENSE GLORY are PERFECT exactly as you are. Some people are microwaves. You know, it's just like, it's all about restriction and willpower and you know what you can and cannot eat. Stephanie Mara Fox supports women coaches and wellness professionals and feeling empowered and satiated in their relationship with their food body and business, to cultivate more confidence and create the life they desire to be living. It's also digesting our life experiences. Okay. For anybody who's listening to this, I would highly recommend checking out a list of VT. And that's a L I S a, uh, the ITT. Rayna Jhaveri Internal Family Systems Practitioner | Group Engagement Facilitator | Leading From The Inside Out Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 383 followers 302 connections Join to. So it seems like a, uh, a path to get the intuitive eating in place. Stephanie Mara Fox: (29:35)So we've made a very different, we ha we're in a very different hormonal cycle from week to week. ", "I have some thoughts I'd like to share when is a good time?, How about a week from now we can get back to this and you can share with me your thoughts. Dr. Shawn: (03:04)I'm going to jump right in and begin this conversation with Stephanie. And so what she talks about is how we actually need to start to cycle sync, and then even like the ways that we're eating or the ways that we're physically moving our body has to be paired with where we are in our cycle. It is just like life-changing, especially for women. And what did my People-Pleaser Part hear? And I started to think about camping because I thought, whenever you go camping, what do we do? Lap it all up. IT. And just so the listeners know, I, when I made this change, it, I had jumped on that bandwagon of no body shame and no diet culture. Do you want to feel tired and kind of your blood sugar levels crash and you have a hard time thinking clearly, and it's like hard to get things done in your day. You are at a unique time in your life. Release Calendar Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Movie News India Movie Spotlight. No. #exitentialism #ontological #meanin." rayna jhaveri on Instagram: "Casual Tuesday thoughts. Dr. Shawn: (44:23)And I wanted to enjoy my food. And so when, when the kind of like, and I experienced this too, I'm like, Hmm, that's really interesting that you want this thing. And so if we are not in a relaxation response, if we have experienced trauma in our life, if we have experienced, uh, situations, uh, that have kind of, it hasn't felt safe to be in our body. And then we experience this, yo-yo stuff losing weight, gaining weight. The Too-Muchness conditioning is old and widespread, no doubt. It will take me down a road that somehow, and this is where the shame comes in. Together they discuss how creative techniques in the kitchen and in front of a TV camera can be applied by IT and Service Management professionals. I help sensitive souls reconnect to their calm, creative, confident, compassionate & playful core by Rayna Jhaveri Thank you! So I had a trauma response to weight gain, and it would panic me. Mentioned in this episode is Lori Harder's The Bliss Project and Vanessa Gibson on Instagram @themermaidranch. You inspired to design your best life. Dr. Shawn: (55:03)And so finally I like explored all of these other things. All right, great. Stephanie Mara Fox: (05:45)Like also kind of a hard thing to do. Stephanie Mara Fox: (41:55)I can't remember which one, but I know like tree bathing, it's like big thing. I actually just recently wrote about this on my social media feeds of like, there was this one session that it was literally like lying on the floor, like having to breathe into my belly and like, imagine what is in there. This photo was taken 7 years later back in India when, after suffering in silence and trying All The Things to hide my condition, I decided to give it the finger and shave it off. They need time to let it all settle in before they can wrap their minds around what the think, feel, want, etc. All I can think of right now is how FURIOUS I am on behalf of people-pleasers and codependents EVERYWHERE. What do these people know that I don't know. She occasionally dabbles as a standup comedian, and her original, experimental, comedic performance art pieces appear most regularly at Cloud Club, a Boston underground artist collective. I was releasing that and just trusting that things will unfold in the way they will. 32 likes. How is that different from shame-resilience? The New York Times, BBC, Mashable, the Huffington Post, Wired, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal have all featured her work, and over 1.5 million people have watched her TEDx talk The Power of Mindfulness. Together, they experienced the physical realization of how their roots were all connected even if they weren't directly touching. We can't get away with talking about shame without addressing religion's shaming and how that effects our view of God and relationship with our creator.Dr. And then not judging it. I will never talk about that again. I would get hypervigilant by stepping on the scale more than once a day, measuring my body with inch. So the more that we guide the body back into that relaxation response, by listening to it, trusting the messages, it is sending us, it actually gets us to where we want to go, but it feels very counterintuitive. Stephanie Mara Fox: (57:38)Yes. So, um, just first that just ending that thought of like, I like to focus on the addition of things of like, what can you add in not necessarily what you need to take out? covid 19 impact on credit,

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