He was known for being a respectable gentleman but was tragically murdered by his wife in 2008. Well, weve got you covered. She planned a misdirection to send the police off course by fabricating her story about a burglary. I love my husband so much'. "I think my husband's been shot, my house has been burglarized, I just walked in and I did a pulse on him. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. "It seemed to me like a lot. Inside were Larrys iPod, laptop, and some jewelry. The 57-year-old was lying dead in a pool of his own blood in the hallway of the large suburban home he shared with his wife. Hasty. Rebecca called the police after she found out the pool was all covered up in the blood. An autopsy found Larry had been shot in the back, arm and neck. Age And Bio - Net Worth And Job, Instagram- Too Hot To Handle . "He looked at me and said 'That's done and over with, that's behind you now. Saying she thought her husband had been killed by robbers. You think of all the liars I must have encountered on an hourly basis and she is right up there. "But we didn't want to pigeonhole ourselves or jump the gun too quickly that the wife did it," said Sgt. Then framed her by planting the murder weapon in her car. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole and is currently serving out that sentence in a Florida womens prison. But slowly evidence began to unfold leading them to suspect the wife. So as we started looking at this I believed that this was a staged crime.". Police found Rebeccas behavior to be odd. When his story was corroborated, Rebecca Ayn Fenton was arrested for the murder of Larry Fenton. Hasty. There was little Rebeccas legal team could do to fight back, so the trial had a reasonably obvious result. Rebecca Fenton, 49, was found guilty of the first degree murder of her husband Larry, 57, who was discovered dead in a pool of blood at their home in Clearwater, Florida in February 2008. They found fingerprints and footprints that were never matched to anybody. The case remained unsolved until a cold case unit picked it up again in 2012. Despite her 2015 conviction for her husbands killing, she still admits no part in it. The immediate facts of the case were never in dispute. Drag is awesome. This man is my life," Rebecca tells the dispatcher on the 911 call. They also found a .38-caliber revolver he had purchased in November 2007. And Alfred Nolan tells detectives something that makes them do a double-take. The mysterious murder of Larry Fenton shattered the seaside serenity of picturesque Clearwater, Florida and brought a tragic end to an ill-fated marriage worthy of a TV movie. Spaulding. 20 years in Adult and Pediatric Hemoc/Bone Marrow nursing. They caught each other's eye at the gym. This time, the items found inside the car raised even more suspicion. "I just didn't think that I was ever gonna be arrested for something that was so heinous, that was such a loss to me," said Rebecca. I thought that would just either make things worse for the scene," said Rebecca in the interrogation. The people that I was meeting. Instagram Age, Parents And Family Wiki. But, as the investigation unfolded, Rebecca caught the attention of the police and other aspects suggested this was not a burglary gone wrong. Regardless, all detectives now need to arrest Rebecca are the results of forensic tests conducted after she was first interviewed by detectives. I was so used to working and flying here and doing this and doing that and sort of having my own bank account and doing my own thing. Rebecca Fenton is a Manager, Facilities at Brevan Howard based in London, Essex. Michael Hasty. "Rebecca genuinely is a sociopath. But Piers believes regardless of whether Nolen's claims are true, Fenton is guilty of the crime. As sea levels rise, the city is grappling with existential flood risk. According to the local Tampa Tribune , Rebecca told investigators that she heard a bang that sounded like someone falling off the roof while she was working out. She did not burn her house down for insurance money. After her husband's death, Rebecca Fenton became the owner of their two-story house, where she continued to live until it was engulfed in flames last. When Rebeccas car was searched, police found a plastic bag with a .38-caliber revolver inside. "I loved Larry and Larry would have done me a lot more good alive, financially, than dead," Rebecca tells Crime Watch Daily. I dream of healing spaces for Black youth to thrive. S02E01 - Rebecca Fenton: In spite of her conviction, Rebecca Fenton denies murdering her husband, Larry, on Super Bowl Sunday in 2008; Piers Morgan seeks to find out the truth. And detectives can only wonder if Rebecca's husband might have found out about David. Footprints and fingerprints found at the scene were never identified by detectives. As per the investigations back in 2015, the panels found out the lady guilty. a detective asks her in the interrogation. So, neither of her birthday celebrations or events are yet captured to date. Rebecca Fenton is currently serving life in prison with no parole after being found guilty of the first degree murder of her husband Larry at their home in Florida in 2008. I am not spiritually capable of hurting anybody, I am not a murderer, I did not do this.. The home where Rebecca and Larry once lived was there until a couple of years after the murder, when it mysteriously burned to the ground -- putting the heat right back on Rebecca. "You need to be able to put the suspect at the scene of the crime, and one of the things which was apparent was that she was never placed at the scene of the crime," said Tizzard. Adolescent Medicine fellow @luriechildrens & anti-oppression health activist. For six years, Rebecca Fenton seemed to have gotten away with murder. As per the records, Rebecca is currently detained in Florida Womens Reception Center located in Ocala, Florida. Kerri Spaulding. By the end of the interview, Fenton is in tears and Piers does not hold out much hope for Piers' appeal. She told them that she had been working out in the detached garage of their home before finding Larry on the floor. Season 2. TV14. Has her murder news covered on Wikipedia? Fenton said she had nothing to do with the killing, but the evidence eventually told a different story. Becca was born in Boston in 1952 but her family moved to Pittsburgh, PA when she was a. "I will pursue it as long as I can, through every means possible, and I will not give in until we find justice for both her and Larry.". The demeanor was more suspicious when considering inconsistencies in her testimony. She was convicted on November 13, 2015, almost a full 8 years after the savage murder. Spaulding. ", "Not right away. "We did not have an affair. Rebecca Fenton Update 2021 - Is She Released Now? 127 N River St, Fenton, MI 48430 (810) 309-9355. Rebecca Fenton, 49, was found guilty of the first degree murder of her husband Larry, 57, who was discovered dead in a pool of blood at their home in Clearwater, Florida in February 2008. Now she's headed to prison for the rest of her. "I'm going to say right after we tied the knot," said Rebecca. What actually occurred was a premeditated plan, orchestrated by Rebecca Fenton, to murder her husband for significant financial payoffs such as his estate. I love my husband so much'. A jury found Rebecca Ayn Fenton guilty of first-degree murder and she was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Rebecca says Larry was the handsome prince she'd been waiting for all her life: a successful architect who'd gone on to make his fortune in the surgical equipment business. I thought that Larry was OK, 'cause his eyes were open, and I ran upstairs.". It relied on everything that together was just overwhelmingly convincing of her guilt," said Det. They kick up a lot of pain, a lot of confusion, and then I got to go back to where my cell is, and you know, relive it," said Rebecca Fenton. Hasty tells Crime Watch Daily. Daniel Laurie Parents Wikipedia Jane Laurie And Leslie Grantham Son Wiki, David Skelton Wikipedia Author Age Net Worth And Wife Family Wiki, Denise Gay Murder Wikipedia Where Is Martre Coles Killer Now? But if Larry died, Rebecca was in line for $1million. A Pinellas County jury convicted Fenton of first-degree murder. "It's just a house and we're ok," she said. At what point did you confide in Larry and say, "Larry, I've been an escort for seven years?". Rebecca and Larry met at the gym when they both approached the same workout machine at the same time and started to chat. "Came back down the stairs, touched him again, tousled his head a little bit, told him 'Hold on honey,' and I ran outside and called 911," said Rebecca. Read More "The state really wanted some outside person to kind of corroborate all of the evidence that we had collected from the scene and really bring this case together," said Clearwater Police Sgt. There was no involvement between us. "I want to be able to turn and tell people I'm not a monster. Something went wrong, please try again later. I had the life," said Rebecca Fenton. Turning to the camera to make a direct appeal, she cries as Fenton says: I was very much in love with my husband, I had a lifestyle that was very grand, it would not have done me any good to hurt him. They belonged to strangers. He told the police that during an argument, Rebecca held a knife to his throat and threatened to kill him like she killed Larry. The prosecution presented all facts revealed by the police investigation, including the strong testimony of Rebeccas ex-boyfriend. Hasty. There will be some viewers who will think 'maybe she didn't and that makes a really interesting programme. None of that is true, that incident never took place. And they believe she's trying too hard to convince the dispatcher she'd never kill her husband. "There is no evidence to suggest she ever pulled the trigger on the gun," said Tizzard. "I think Rebecca has told this lie so much that maybe she has talked herself into it," said Sgt. "It was a crush.". She claimed that she came into the house from her workout, saw Larry, then rushed over to check on him and try to see if he was okay. As police searched for the killer, what they discovered in Rebecca's car would shift their focus closer to home. Trailer for the new series of 'Killer Women', Rebecca Fenton was charged with her husband's murder six years after he was found shot dead in their Florida family home, Larry Fenton was found dead in a pool of blood in the foyer of the Clearwater, Florida home that he shared with Rebecca, Piers Morgan meets convicted killer Rebecca Fenton in the first episode of his new ITV show Killer Women, Rebecca has staunchly maintained her innocence, insisting she did not kill Larry and had nothing to gain from his death, Piers met Rebecca for the first episode of Killer Women's new series and expects viewers will be mixed in whether they think she did the crime. I was very much in love with my husband, I had a lifestyle that was very grand, it would not have done me any good to hurt him," insists Rebecca. She looks like the proverbial "merry widow" while being questioned by cops on the sidewalk. She was born on April 27, 1967. This is Rebecca FentonHer husband Larry was so rich she didnt work. A watertight pre-nup would have protected Larry should the couple divorce. "And then we started finding out about someone that she was romantically interested in," said Sgt. "And they had to let me go," said Rebecca. The former top British cop also says he's actually coming to the U.S. to do all he can to set Rebecca Fenton free. She is currently in a Florida womens prison. Rebecca and Larry Fenton Larry lived in the house with his wife of three years Rebecca Fenton. "I would not have benefited from that house burning down, financially, one iota.". As per the research, its been stated that she is not active on Instagram too. Larrys truck was taken so that was assumed to be part of the robbery. Five shots were fired inside the house," said Det. Legislature considers flooding our streets with cancer-causing chemicals | Column, Heres why the Weeki Wachee River needs stronger protections | Editorial, Floridas dental deserts leave millions without access to oral care. S2 E1- Rebecca Fenton June 21, 2017 43min TV-14 For six years, she seemed to have gotten away with cold-blooded murder. A gun missing the same amount of bullets as fired during the savage murder was in her car. These interviews are difficult. Contact Tony Marrero at tmarrero@tampabay.com or (727) 893-8779. And Larry's Jeep was missing from the driveway. Prosecutors told a Pinellas County jury that Fenton, now 48, was financially motivated to kill her husband. Spaulding. I told him to hold on. But if you hurry, maybe he's alive and you can help him.". She further affirms that she has been drawn up by the burglar. "It's well-chronicled that Alfred Nolan -- not a good guy, kind of a bad guy, criminal history, in and out of jails, in and out of prisons. Spaulding. March 2, 1992 - December 1998. This piece of evidence helped to convict Fenton,who says it is a made up lie. But Tizzard reserves his greatest criticism of the case for that testimony of career criminal Alfred Nolan, the boyfriend who claimed Rebecca threatened to kill him "Just like she killed Larry. We were nothing but blissful but very much in love. Without any delay, she was sent to prison. I just came in from the gym," Rebecca Fenton says in her call to 911. View the profiles of people named Rebecca Fenton. While the story of a robbery may be believable on the surface, it was simply untrue. Warner Bros. Entertainment | As per the investigations back in 2015, the panels found out the lady guilty. Something went wrong, please try again later. says Rebecca. "Didn't buy it," Det. When Fenton 'discovered' his body, she frantically called 911 and told the operator that she had been exercising in their gym out-back, and when she returned, had found her husband mortally wounded and her house ransacked. But both David and Rebecca insisted to detectives that nothing happened between them. "I would not have gained anything moneterial, I would have gained more having him alive. Furthermore, the police found it odd that she had a somewhat cheery disposition in news footage; Rebecca claimed that she may have been in shock. A break in the case came after Hasty contacted a former boyfriend of Rebecca Fenton's, Alfred Nolen, who testified that Fenton held a knife to his throat during a domestic dispute and said, "I'll kill you like I killed Larry.". "If I had known that I was supposed to be with him, hold him, or do CPR, then I would have -- I think that, I'm trying to think of what I was thinking," Rebecca tells detectives in a recorded interrogation. Rebecca had stated that his spouse died due to the robbery that went wrong. Basically, the show was interviewed bypiersmorganthen. I walked into my house at approximately 4.30-5 oclock in the afternoon and I found my husband.. "We had no cause for divorce. Without any delay, she was sent to prison. "We have a gym out back and I was working out in the gym," she says in the call. All that is true," said Det. 42 min. So they look at all possibilities, asking Rebecca if she knew why anyone would want to kill Larry. We had no cause for divorce or even spoke of it. "It really wasn't any one thing. My thought would be 'Oh my God, I need medical attention immediately.'". Rumours that Rebecca had begun seeing another man called David, after meeting him in AA, also muddied the waters, with detectives suspecting there could be a romantic and emotional involvement between the two. On Super Bowl Sunday, February 2008, in Clearwater Florida, Fentons husband Larry was gunned down at point blank range. They ideally needed a confession or a witness statement to proceed. "Was there any pulse either time?" In November 2015, a jury found Rebecca Thudin guilty of first-degree murder. But was that enough for her to shoot Larry four times? "It was the money. 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