She is the daughter of Andros' king, Teredor, and its queen, Niobe, making her its sole princess. After arriving at Alfea, she gradually discovered the source of her powers to be the the ancient Dragon's Flame which, while powerful, often makes her the target of various villains. (Winx Club)The Talent Thief (World of Winx)Going Back Home (Winx Avatar Story) To make this a reality, Selina enrolls herself into Cloud Tower and takes the Trix's invasion as an opportunity to directly work under them in exchange for whatever power they could acquire. AlfeaWinx ClubSpecialistsMelodyWow! Hot-headed and arrogant, Nex tends to act like a showboat and a flirt. Profits from the Winx Club series were singlehandedly financing the company's other projects. Country of Origin Elisha Applebaum He has the same height as Helia, while Nabu is one inch taller. In 2010, Winx Club was revamped when Nickelodeon began co-developing new seasons of the series. The season eventually premiered in June 2015 on Nickelodeon Asia. Besides being group members, they are also band mates wherever they perform as seen in Season 4, 5, and 8. Character list of the Winx Club cartoon. Also known as Lightrock Monastery, it is a temple high above the clouds on a huge and rocky mountain, located above Lake Roccaluce in non-space. She has a sweettooth, chocolate cupcakes with lots of sprinkles are her favorite. She is capable of controlling musical instruments allowing her to silence, conjure, and levitate them. Professional Status Skills, Abilities, and Weapons Share the list of the highly notable Winx Club characters by clicking the Facebook or Twitter icons. Roxy knows countless facts about wildlife, even being able to identify bugs by their scientific names. It is assumed Silva used to be a student at Alfea. Interestingly, her color palette also makes a major shift; starting out from red with her Winx and gaining yellows and golds as accents with Enchantix, only for blue to replace the yellows in Believix and onward. The magical fairies and other original characters mesmerized the audience with their magical powers. She is, Stella is the artistic and creative Fairy of the Shining Sun. She shares this with Aisha, and, in the, Musa is one of the four Fairies that has not traveled to her own realm to receive their. Initially more skittish, Thoren was scared by many things as a child, which unfortunately led to an incident that caused Sky to believe he had abandoned him during an ambush that later acted as fuel for Sky's animosity towards him. They are introduced in the second season after the Winx rescue them from Darkar. Despite being heavily inspired by Japanese animation, Winx Club has not been aired in Japan, as foreign production companies must pay for their shows to be given airtime there. At the end of the season, Kalshara dies by falling into a bottomless pit in the Magix Underground World. The official website for the film covers several markets, with release dates and other information. Together, they discovered the Legendarium, a book capable of bringing the legends contained in it to life. Fate: The Winx Saga is a young adult drama series created by Brian Young. By the end of the first half, after embracing his sister, Dorana, he manages to regain to his normal self, Argen. (Keke Palmer,Ariana Grande And Liz Gillies!'block';'px';'100%';'px';container.appendChild(ins);(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({});window.ezoSTPixelAdd(slotId,'stat_source_id',44);window.ezoSTPixelAdd(slotId,'adsensetype',1);var lo=new MutationObserver(window.ezaslEvent);lo.observe(document.getElementById(slotId+'-asloaded'),{attributes:true});CharactersHeightsAgesWeightsBirthdayGenderBloom5ft & 6in16 years old~ 120 lbsDecember 10FemaleStella5ft & 7in17 years old~ 120 lbsAugust 18FemaleFlora5ft & 5in16 years old~ 120 lbsMarch 1FemaleMusa5ft & 6in16 years old~ 120 lbsMay 30FemaleAisha5ft & 9in17 years old~ 130 lbsJune 15FemaleTecna5ft & 8in16 years old~ 130 lbsDecember 16FemaleRoxy~ 5ft & 4in15 years old~ 110 lbsMarch 20FemaleNabu~ 6ft & 4in19 years old~ 160 lbsMay 19MaleBrandon~ 6ft & 5in17 years old~ 160 lbsSeptember 23MaleRiven~ 6ft & 1in16 years old~ 140 lbsOctober 5MaleHelia~ 6ft & 3in17 years old~ 150 lbsSeptember 2MaleTimmy~ 6ft & 1in17 years old~ 140 lbsFebruary 15MaleSky6ft & 3in16 years old~ 150 lbsMarch 20Male. Manage Settings Cartoon Roxy is the last Fairy on Earth. Musa is a skilled singer and musician. He is ultimately defeated by Bloom by having his own spark of the Dragon Flame snuffed out by her, but inexplicably returns years later somehow unharmed. Sign Tune, Pixie of Good Manners (S2 - S4)Cherie, Pixie of Weather (S6 onwards) While initially kept in short pigtails, Musa has let her hair grow out from Season 3 onwards thanks to a spell that lengthened it down to her waist, and has since styled it in many other ways, especially in comparison to the other Winx girls. The Winx are sent to Earth to protect Roxy from the Wizards of the Black Circle, who want to capture her and harness her powers. These releases contained the original English, Italian, and French audio. This also applies to musical instruments as she is able to recognize the sound of any musical instrument as well as playing them with ease. Valtor is the main antagonist of Seasons 3 and 8. Roxy debuts in Season 4. Despite this though, he has a strong sense of duty to his people, so he endures whatever he dislikes or even causes him great distress so long as it means he will become a suitable ruler in the future. S2-3, S5-6, S8 Each with their own aspirations and goals, the girls of the Winx Club sought out to make their school years memorable by braving through hardships and experiencing new things all while sticking by each other as best friends. He is a wizard who created the Legendarium but became trapped in it. [5] Straffi wanted the fairies to represent "the women of today"[6] and to look more modern than classic examples like la Fata Turchina. The protagonists Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna, and Musa live their daily life on Magix world, among lessons, loves, quarrels and moments of strong friendship. Roxy is the shy Fairy of Animals. Critical response to the characters has been positive, with praise for their positive relationships and presentation of gender roles. She can also create sonic vibes and pulses which charge through the air like energy blasts. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. He is the Specialists' voice of reason, but the others don't always pay attention to him. Her biological parents are Oritel and Marion, the king and queen of Domino respectively. The 3D computer-generated segments and Hollywood voice actors, both of which were highlights in the previous two seasons, were deemed too costly to keep using. The tutorials are easy to follow and provide step-by-step instructions. In Europe, Tridimensional publishes Winx Club books along with magazines for other Rainbow shows like Club 57. Her stockings are different variations and textures of blue with pink high heels. The Paladins are a group of warriors who specialize in handling magic weapons similarly to the Specialists. Later, 01 Distribution re-released the first and second season on DVD without the English soundtrack. Viacom is also the owner of Nickelodeon, which co-developed the specials, and seasons 5, 6, and 7 of the show. Roxy is the tomboyish and shy Fairy of Animals. The Trix act as the main antagonists of Seasons 1 and 6, and are minor antagonists for Seasons 2, 3, 5, the last few episodes of Season 7 and halfway through Season 8. Viacom cast American voice actors to record the show at the Atlas Oceanic studio, near Hollywood. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Water Stars (S3)Sirenix BoxesAncestral Wands (S6)Tynix Bracelets (S7)Star Case She is also a former student of Alfea College for Fairies. If they are strong enough, they can also cause Musa physical harm, giving her a feeling that her head is being split apart. JAKKS made a wide variety of dolls, playsets, and Halloween costumes that were designed in collaboration with Viacom and Nickelodeon Consumer Products. Birthday Action Adventure Drama A live-action adaptation of Nickelodeon's Winx Club (2004). Her bonded companions include Tune: the Pixie of Mannerslater replaced by Cherie: the Pixie of WeatherSonna: Gatekeeper of Melody's Ocean Gate, and Critty the Quillcat. The brand-new seasons 5, 6, and 7, co-produced with Nickelodeon, aired soon after. The writers for Fate: The Winx Saga . [9][10] Flora underwent several changes because Straffi felt test audiences disliked her design. Her bonded companions include Lockette: the Pixie of Portals, Serena: Gatekeeper of Domino's Ocean Gate, and Elas the unicorn. Selkie Nickelodeon UK aired it next, on July 4, 2015. On 18 February 2021, Netflix announced that the series was renewed for a second season. Found 44 Free Winx Club Drawing tutorials which can be drawn using Pencil, Market, Photoshop, Illustrator just follow step by step directions. After she saved the singing whales with her song, she returned to her father and said, ", Both Sarah McCullough and Anik Matern also voiced. Lastlty, Riven and Timmy are the shortest among the guys, standing at 6 feet and one inch. Naturally, as the Guardian fairy of music; Musa is a naturally gifted singer even getting a record deal from a famous music producer. It is a live-action adaptation of Nickelodeon's Winx Club series, which was created by Iginio Straffi. However, these two characters are not the heaviest because we have more with bigger weights. Her boyfriend is Helia, grandson (or nephew) to the Red Fountain headmaster, Saladin. It was later aired on Rai Gulp (September 21, 2015) and Nick Jr. in the United States (January 10, 2016). They share an apartment on the campus of Alfea. The protagonists Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna, and Musa live their daily life on Magix world, among lessons, loves, quarrels and moments of strong friendship. Top row: Tecna, Bloom, and Musa. The show is about a group of fairy warriors led by Bloom. "Winx Club is a modern fantasy saga revolving around six fairies and their adventures. Sonna, Keeper of Melody's ocean gate Season 7 was also matched to Nickelodeon and Rainbow's English scripts,[3] but due to budget cuts, Viacom relocated the voice cast from Hollywood to New York City. Stella is also infamous among the Alfea community for blowing up the Alfea Potions Laboratory during her first year, which led to her expulsion. In more recent seasons, he has become much braver and more involved in battles, where he showcases his skills as the group's marksman. He is the strongest member of the Specialists. Daphne is Bloom's older sister and guide. Since, he stand tall among other characters when they are together. Acheron is the other main antagonist of Season 6. This passion of hers causes her room to resemble a greenhouse often and has allowed her to understand the voice of nature itself. He is a poet with long hair and a soft voice. 1. Season 7 made its world premiere on Nickelodeon Asia on June 22, 2015. . S4, S7 For the eighth season, which began on April 15, 2019, the series was again moved to Rai YoYo, a preschool channel. They are the faces of both franchises. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Pepe the bear cub The word "Winx" has two completely different concepts and meanings in the series, depending on the dub. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Rainbow Studios: le Winx ci aprono le porte del loro mondo", "Stars of Nickelodeon Cast of Winx Club Exclusive Interview", "Kids TV producers turn to style specialists for design innovations", "TIV Iginio Straffi racconta le sue Winx ambientaliste", "Iginio Straffi: le mie Winx sono le ragazze d'oggi", "Le fatine di Winx club alla conquista dell' America", "Nickelodeon Animation Studio: What We Do - Winx Club", "The Winx Club gets star power from Nick celebs", "Global Hit Animated Series 'Winx Club' Comes to Nickelodeon, Starting June 27", "Winx Club 6x11 Temporada 6 Episodio 11 "Sueos Rotos" Espaol Latino", "Winx Club: The Power of Believix, Vol. She is the Fairy of the Dragon Flame as well as its current Keeper. Poll. According to the Spirit of the World of Dreams, the Winx would lose their fairy magic should the World of Dreams fall into ruin. Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, Red Fountain School for Heroics and Bravery, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Popular Hollywood and Italian actors voiced the Winx Club characters. The Nickelodeon staff had ample experience in writing for the audience that Straffi was looking for; Winx Club writers like Janice Burgess, Adam Peltzman, and Jeff Borkin had worked in Nickelodeon's preschool division for many years. The orb swelled as the purple and black energy mixed, swirling around aggressively. In Singapore, bags, clothing and similar items are available. Musa can release mental sound waves to communicate with other civilians from Melody and displays this again with her fairy animal. Which Winx are you? According to Netflix, In this animated fantasy, a girl named Bloom befriends a band of fairies, then follows them into the secretive and dangerous Magical Dimension. Fun adventures and cool new friends are only part of whats great about being a fairy. No major plot points from the previous episodes were carried over. Their high-budget animated film Gladiators of Rome lost tens of millions at the box office, and Viacom Italy was devalued by millions as a direct result of their stake in Rainbow. Nabu is a kind-hearted young wizard with a wide array of magical skills that range from invisibility to teleportation. For information about events in the series, see: Timeline (Winx Club). He later returns by Season 2, believing that his initial leave was a simple act of rebellion. When the Wizards of the Black Circle captured the Earth fairies, they imprisoned them in their own kingdom of Tir Nan Og, where the terrestrial fairies remained until Roxy and the Winx freed them in season 4. Musa learned to opera sing from her mother allowing her to communicate with birds. The first was "The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Movie" in August 2012, which contained seven episodes from Season 4 as well as the first movie. Fairy Animal Title Welcome to Nickipedia, a Nickelodeon database that anyone can edit. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Kate Bristol (S7 and WoW)Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld (S8) Out of all Winx members, Musa is the only Winx member to have the most Enchantix convergence spell or to be included in it. Tecna is extremely smart with an IQ of 150 and loves technology. Helia, along with the other specialists, goes to earth to help the Winx Club. In Italy, the series was broadcast on Rai 2 from January 28, 2004 until April 7, 2014. Musa is able to create sonic waves which hypnotize and block the line of sight. Christened as the Witch of Snakes, Selina ran off from Gardenia to one day free her new master from within the Legendarium. Erika Iacono After releasing the Trix from the Fortress of Light and granting them the Gloomix power-up, he has the witch trio collect the Codex for him, causing him to eventually set his sights on Bloom, whose status as current Keeper of the Dragon Flame made her the final key in obtaining the Ultimate Power. Her fairy pet is Ginger the poodle. He is brave, outgoing, and likes to joke around. ", Winx Club is a modern fantasy saga revolving around six fairies and their adventures. . She has naturally enhanced hearing along with a strong willed voice. Some of the most popular 'Winx Club' names from the animated series are Timmy, Brandon, Riven, Daphne, Sky Layla, Believix, Alfea, Stella, Aisha, Flora, Tecna, and Roxy. grant county jail mugshots,

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